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Please note that this web site is no longer the official site for MCSAA, the new site address is

results shown in the history are those prepared by Doug Hanna since the site inception

I trust that you will give the new site management your full support and provide them with all the information required of you in order for it to enjoy a long and useful existence. If you require old results I am willing to provide them on request; here are links to the results for summer 2017 (BOYS)  (GIRLS)  Results for events after this date were prepared by others.

Your early support for the ORIGINAL site was and will always be much                                                                                           appreciated

                                                                      I am always willing to help those in need, a disappointed and loyal servant to the                                                                          sport for more than 50 years


                                                                     Good Luck

                                                                     Doug Hanna 

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